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China’s crackdown on corruption and crime: domestic vs international

Commentary_China_crackdown_corruption_NT_March201523 March 2015

In the past few years, China has increasingly urged its citizens to abide by rules set by the host countries in which they operate, at times intervening in the breaking up of criminal syndicates. Despite such measures, Chinese-organised criminal groups operating in Africa are still highly functional. Additionally, in cases where Chinese citizens operating illegally in Africa’s mining sectors have been condemned by local authorities, the Chinese government has lacked visible intervention. With Chinese president Xi Jinping’s  rise to power, China has witnessed an unprecedented crack-down on corruption and other forms of criminal activity – just last month for instance, a Chinese mining tycoon, Liu Han, his brother Liu Wei and three other associates were executed in China on charges of corruption, organised criminal activity and murder. Liu Han’s case is not the first and presumably not the last in China’s increasing crackdown on corruption. The domestic zeal with which China is tackling corruption brings into contrast the more ambivalent attitude it has toward Chinese criminal activity abroad and the barriers it faces in stopping it. [Continue reading]

By Nuša TukićCCS_Research_Analyst_Nusa_Tukic_2013_6
Research Associate
Centre for Chinese Studies
Stellenbosch University


Increased Chinese engagement in South Africa’s economy – strategies, opportunities and future implications

CCS_PB_SA-CHINA_Engagement_2015Policy Briefing No. 1 – March 2015

China and South Africa’s relationship has deepened in recent years. Extensive political structures, such as South Africa’s Comprehensive Strategic Partnership agreement with China, provide opportunities for bettering local development. Through various partnerships, initiatives and agreements, trade between China and South Africa has grown immensely – totalling US$ 363 billion in 2013 with foreign direct investment (FDI) booming across sectors. This policy brief discusses the role of finance, telecoms, infrastructure, energy and mining, manufacturing, and tourism in order to better grasp China-South African economic engagement and identify ways in which such investments can benefit local development. [Continue reading]

African-Asian Encounters (II) conference website now liive



The conference website for:

African-Asian Encounters (II) Re-Thinking African-Asian Relationships: Changing Realities – New Concepts, to be held on 24 – 26 March 2015 at the Doubletree by Hilton, Cape Town, South Africa, is now live.

Please visit the CONFERENCE WEBSITE for more information.

CCS in the Media

“China is struggling to enter a new era of development” – Social Sciences in China Press

CCS_Logo_Social_Sciences_in_China_Press_201513 March 2015

Dr Ross Anthony, Interim Director of the CCS, speaks to Social Sciences in China Press about the recently held “Two Sessions” or Chinese parliament. [Read article here – Chinese]