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The Centre for Chinese Studies (CCS) at Stellenbosch University is the leading African research institution for innovative and policy relevant analysis of the relations between China and Africa.

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The Taiwan Sunflower Movement: the shape of things to come?

CCS_Commentary_RA Taiwan14 April 2014

Recent political protests in Taiwan, in which a coalition of students and civil society groups numbering over half a million publicly denounced a new trade agreement with China, have broader implications for mainland China’s relations abroad. The protesters underlying grievance with the Cross-Strait Trade Agreement (CSSTA), which seeks to open the Taiwanese service industry to Chinese investment, is essentially that the agreement will not be favourable to ordinary Taiwanese. It will also make Taiwan increasingly vulnerable to pressure from Beijing. What is particularly interesting about the demonstrations is that they are not directly aimed at the People’s Republic of China (PRC) government. Rather, they are targeting what the demonstrators perceive as a corrupt political elite and their business associates, colluding with Beijing in the interests of profit (while sacrificing hard-won democratic gains). This trajectory, in which Beijing’s growing economic clout has the potential to alienate leaders from certain quarters of their domestic constituencies, has the potential to be a problem not only in Taiwan but also in the broader international community. [Continue reading]

By Dr Ross Anthony
Research Fellow
Centre for Chinese Studies
Stellenbosch University


Centre for Chinese Studies Annual Report: China Africa Relations 2013

CCS_Annual_Report 2013_WebformatThe annual report of the Centre for Chinese Studies, China Africa Relations 2013, highlights the development of China-Africa relations including changes and achievements of the Centre during 2013. This annual report is a palette of key events and developments in China-Africa relations in 2013 and the CCS activities on and around these developments.

Looking back at the year at times reveals common themes across our varied research strands. In 2013, one of the overarching features in our research was exploring the diversity of China. This annual report contains pictures of various parts of China—and it hopefully includes a few surprising or unusual images . We study China in all its parts, and while we often focus on the political and economic core in Beijing and Shanghai, we also explore Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Western China. [Download CCS Annual Report: China Africa Relations 2013 here]

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“An African perspective on China-Africa relations” – The China in Africa Podcast

CCS_Image_China_Africa_PodcastSino-African relations is too often viewed in the context of how the relationship benefits China. Dr Daouda Cissé joins the China in Africa Podcast to share his views on a pan-African view of this vital relationship. In particular,  the critically important role of African governance and whether the continent’s leaders are serving their people well when negotiating trade and investment agreements with “the Chinese” is explored. [Listen to the interview here]