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A new round of AGOA: Is Africa ready for opportunity?

Picture113 May 2015

The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is set to expire on 30 September 2015. The act was designed to promote export-led economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and, furthermore, trade between the continent and the United States (US) under the theme of “trade rather than aid”. Since its inauguration in 2000, a number of African countries have benefitted from the programme. The textile industry, in particular, has experienced rapid growth and job creation in several countries. Thus, prior to AGOA’s expiration this year, there has been a series of visits and consultations led by a delegation comprising the African Union mission, the African Development Bank mission, and high-level diplomats. They aimed to emphasise the importance of a long-term renewal of AGOA. Expecting re-authorisation, probably for 10 to 15 years as many African countries wish, it is a critical time to reflect on the past 15 years. [Continue reading]

By Dr Yejoo KimCCS_Research_Analyst_Yejoo_10
Research Fellow
Centre for Chinese Studies
Stellenbosch University

Increased Chinese engagement in South Africa’s economy – strategies, opportunities and future implications

CCS_PB_SA-CHINA_Engagement_2015Policy Briefing No. 1 – March 2015

China and South Africa’s relationship has deepened in recent years. Extensive political structures, such as South Africa’s Comprehensive Strategic Partnership agreement with China, provide opportunities for bettering local development. Through various partnerships, initiatives and agreements, trade between China and South Africa has grown immensely – already totalling more than ZAR 270 billion in 2013 with foreign direct investment (FDI) booming across sectors. This policy brief discusses the role of finance, telecoms, infrastructure, energy and mining, manufacturing, and tourism in order to better grasp China-South African economic engagement and identify ways in which such investments can benefit local development. [Continue reading]

CCS in the Media

Djibouti welcomes China to the playground of the superpowers – Daily Maverick

CCS_Logo_Daily_Maverick_201514 May 2015

Dr Ross Anthony, Intermim Director of the CCS spoke to Daily Maverick about the new Chinese military presence in the Horn of Africa. “Chinese sea lines of communication need to be protected in this region – we think, for instance, of the multi-lateral anti-piracy drive off the coast of Somalia, of which China is a part – and so a military presence may be increased for these reasons, basically to ensure the continued flow of goods to and from China. Additionally, there is the assertion that China wants to extend its influence into the Indian Ocean.” [Read full article]