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The Centre for Chinese Studies (CCS) at Stellenbosch University is the leading African research institution for innovative and policy relevant analysis of the relations between China and Africa.

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Revising Japan’s constitution: Domestic and international contexts

CCS_Image_21_July_20914_Com_RA21 July 2014

The Japanese cabinet recently amended the constitution to expand the role of the Self-Defence Force (SDF). The defining characteristic of Japan’s post-Second World War constitution was its emphasis on pacifism as a national policy. This limited Japan’s military activities to the purely defensive and outlawed uni-lateral foreign engagements – although provision is made for multi-lateral engagements. For example, SDF soldiers are acting as peacekeepers in South Sudan and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF) has a naval base in Djibouti for anti-piracy operations. Recently, however, Japan’s cabinet revised the constitution to allow for acts of “collective self-defence” and to expand the roles of the various arms of the SDF. The inclusion of collective self-defence allows the Japanese military to come to the aid of an ally should the ally be attacked by a third party. A significant reason attributed to this shift is to do with Japan and China’s disputes over territorial waters and islands in the EastChina Sea and, by extension, Chinese disputes with other maritime powers in the South China Sea (including Vietnam, the Philippines and Taiwan). For Japan, the move is a balancing act on all sides, in which it has to weigh up Chinese overt protest, American tacit support and deep domestic ambivalence.  [Continue reading]

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Conference Announcement – Call for Papers

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“Just Approaches? Africa’s Migrants in China” – World Policy Blog

CCS_Image_World_Policy_BlogAs Chinese money and citizens move abroad, China is also experiencing an inflow of immigrants from Africa. Unfortunately, China’s outdated legal structures have exacerbated tensions between ethnic Chinese and the growing African immigrant population. Daouda Cissé, Research Fellow at the CCS talks to World Policy Blog. [Read full article here]