Weekly Briefing

CCS Weekly Briefing – 09 December 2016

  1. China to construct modern international road transport system along the Belt and Road
  2. China sends peacekeepers to South Sudan
  3. Nigeria and China to boost agricultural production
  4. Chinese company establish railway training institution in Kenya
  5. Michael Jordan wins trademark dispute in China’s high court


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CCS Weekly Briefing – 02 December 2016

  1. Chinese firm launch digital television project in Kenya
  2. BitPesa expands automated services in Africa
  3. Tanzania hosts joint interview event to promote China-Africa relations
  4. South African tourism trainees receive Mandarin certificates
  5. China crackdowns on overseas investments


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CCS Weekly Briefing – 25 November 2016

  1. BRICS New Development Bank approves projects in China and India
  2. Morocco and China collaborate to build a new city
  3. Nigerian community addresses drug trafficking in China
  4. Officials meet for the South Africa-China Bi-National Commission
  5. China reaffirms commitment to climate change


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CCS Weekly Briefing – 18 November 2016

  1. Forum held to promote south-south co-operation on climate change
  2. Uganda pursues increased Chinese investment
  3. Documentary accuses Chinese officials of illegal ivory trading
  4. South-South Co-operation agreement in Namibia introduces new farming technologies
  5. Trump and President Xi Jinping discuss prospects for co-operation


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CCS Weekly Briefing – 11 November 2016

  1. Study finds China’s involvement in Africa gaining positive reviews
  2. Zimbabwean authorities seize Hyenas bound for China
  3. China adopts cyber security law
  4. Kenya-China business group make donation towards wildlife protection
  5. MTN and Huawei launch smart water metering solution


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