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The China Monitor | FOCAC VI – African initiatives toward a sustainable Chinese relationship

CCS_China_Monitor_FOCAC_July 201527 July 2015

Prior to the upcoming 6th Forum on China-Africa Co-operation (FOCAC), to be held in South Africa in 2015, it is crucial that scholars and other stakeholders review previous FOCAC commitments so as to enhance and deepen understanding on the African side and maximise benefits in the upcoming engagement. FOCAC 2015 provides an opportunity to assess China’s presence on the continent and map out its future direction, but doing so vis-à-vis the maximising of African benefits and opportunities. The special edition of the China Monitor seeks to raise awareness and provide balanced perspectives towards FOCAC and China-Africa relations more generally through debate and information exchange. A host of international scholars, specialising in a number of fields, have been invited to contribute their reflections on various aspects feeding directly into the FOCAC policy process. It is the intention that collaborative work of this nature will help contribute toward coherent, credible policy options for African decision-makers, in the interests of a sustainable relationship between China and Africa.

In this special edition:

FOCAC: The evolving China-Africa security relationship
By David Shinn

Shaping China-Africa co-operation on Post-2015 Agenda
By Zhang Chun

FOCAC VI: The Chinese Dream meets African realities?
By Ian Taylor

Placing FOCAC in its South-South co-operation narrative
By Sven Grimm

FOCAC VI: African initiatives toward a sustainable Chinese relationship
By Liu Haifang

Policy meets practice: Chinese environmental protection in Africa in the wake of FOCAC VI
By May Tan-Mullins

Regimes of truth, localisation of Chinese Enterprises, and African agency
By Barry Sautman and Yan Hairong

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