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The African East-Asian Affairs (AEAA) is an international, African based journal. It focuses on the developments and nuances of the relationship between Africa and East-Asian nations, including China, Japan, Korea and the ASEAN states. [online ISSN: 2308-8699]

African East-Asian Affairs, Issue 01 and Issue 02 | June 2015


– Issue 1 –

The ‘Fong kong’ phenomenon in Botswana: a perspective on globalisation from below
by Yanyin ZI

From humanitarianism to trade promotion: the changing emphasis of Japanese development co-operation to Africa
by Shoko Yamada

AU-China peace and security co-operation: RECs, CSOs, and think tanks for the win
by Lina Benabdallah

– Issue 2 –

African soft power in China
by Adams Bodomo

The effectiveness of Confucius Institutes as a tool of China’s soft power in South Africa
by Maddalena Procopio

Enduring silk ties
by Mandira Bagwandeen

– Forum –

China’s Silk Road Economic Belt: African perspectives and implications
by Bob Wekesa

African agency in the Context of China-Africa relations
by Lucy Corkin

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