China Monitor 2005

Chinese Developments

China Monitor - Issue 4 - Nov 2005November 2005 – Issue 4

During the past month an array of China-focused events have taken place across South Africa. The Centre for Chinese Studies participated in a number of these including co-hosting with the Western Cape Provincial Government’s Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (WESGRO) a Business Seminar focusing on China.

The reaction from the local manufacturing sector toward China is often not positive. South African employers and organized labour fear hollowing out in the face of price competition from China. Whilst recognizing the extent of China’s manufacturing competitiveness, the business seminar served to highlight the market entry strategies employed by businesses that are successfully accessing the Chinese market. These companies included Unilever, Namakwa Sands, the Citrus Growers Association and MCM Wines.

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WEF China Business Summit

China Monitor - Issue 3 - Oct 2005October 2005 – Issue 3

The Centre for Chinese Studies at Stellenbosch recently attended and participated in the World Economic Forum’s China Business Summit held in Beijing from 9th -10th September.

Considering China and Africa’s growing commercial interaction, it was surprising that Stellenbosch University was the only African organization participating in the Summit. African, South African business in particular, does not sufficiently consider the strategic implications of China’s growth trajectory. Southeast Asian economies and companies are effectively repositioning themselves to counter Chinese competition, rather than wilt from it. African enterprises need to follow the lead of their Southeast Asian counterparts to boost competitiveness.

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China’s global and regional impacts

China Monitor - Issue 2 - Sep 2005September 2005 – Issue 2

The Centre for Chinese Studies at Stellenbosch is a recent institutional creation designed to further the knowledge of China in Africa and build networks between our respective regions and peoples.

This month’s China Monitor includes contributions from Ronnie Chan, Chairman of the Hang Lung Group based in Hong Kong, and Dr. Srikanth Kondapalli of India’s Institute for Defence Studies & Analysis, one of the world’s foremost analysts of Chinese military affairs.

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Introducing “The China Monitor”

August 2005 – Issue 1

Welcome to the first edition of the China Monitor, a monthly publication of the Centre for Chinese Studies at Stellenbosch University!

The Centre for Chinese Studies at Stellenbosch is a recent institutional creation designed to further the knowledge of China in Africa and build networks between our respective regions and peoples. Our vision is to grow into a centre of excellence that is active in promoting the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences between China and Africa.

The Centre is to serve as a knowledge bank on subjects pertaining to the growing China-Africa relationship in political, economic and commercial spheres. In the coming months, the CCS will be producing the monthly China Monitor, teaching the Chinese Mandarin language, offering courses on China subjects to both government and executive audiences and conducting research on topical Sino-Africa subjects – some of which will be collaborative in nature with other African and Chinese institutions.

In the first edition we invite China’s Ambassador to South Africa, Liu Guijin, to place Beijing’s bilateral relationship with South Africa in context. We investigate China’s strategic engagement with Africa, the recent revaluation of the Chinese Renminbi, and summarize commercial relations between both regions.

As South Africans we are only starting to build a knowledge base of China’s political, economic and business terrain. The China Monitor is a good starting place. We at the Centre for Chinese Studies look forward to building the Centre into the continent’s foremost resource for China.

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