Chinese Delegation

  • Chinese Delegates Explore Cape Town

    We recently had the pleasure of entertaining the Chinese delegation visiting Cape Town. The Mother City has an ever increasing Chinese population with more and more Chinese owned businesses operating in the CBD and surrounds.  I must say, there was a fair amount of pressure being felt for those responsible for entertaining our Chinese guests whose culture and cuisine is so diverse and refined. Although, in today’s world of fast paced living and mass production, it is rare to find true craftsmen that produce unique and one of a kind products. Artisan products are basically products that are not produced in a large Industrial factory and mass produced. Things like artisan food are produced by small companies or individuals that are usually hand-made in small quantities. The products are high quality and are made by using very traditional methods. Lately I have seen an increase in these types of food from craft beer to hand-crafted chocolate in Cape Town. The Spice Route The Spice Route

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